How To Glow on Lips


you can use glow skin deep glow serum on your lips.

adding a lip oil to your routine leaves the lips hydrated, and with less dead cells on the surface of the lips.

add 1 drop of glow serum onto your lips and rub your lips together. do this step before you add your lip balm, chapstick or lip gloss to nourish, moisturize and hydrate lips. add after as well for an extra glossy glow.


diy glow skin deep lip scrub

a lip scrub contains two components: an exfoliant and a nourishing agent. the emollient or the nourishing agent provides a hydrating base for your exfoliator, making it easier to apply to your lips. these two go hand in hand for moisturizing and smoothing out your lips.

you only need 3 ingredients. glow skin deep glow serum, sugar and brown sugar.

get a wash cloth, run it under hot water. (as hot as you can stand it, but not too hot so you don’t burn yourself)

rub your lips for about 2 minuets with the wash cloth, rubbing hard enough to take off the dry skin.

make a mixture of glow skin deep glow serum, sugar and brown sugar.
2 teaspoons of glow serum,  1 teaspoon of sugar and 1 teaspoon of brown sugar.
mix all 3 together and then rub on lips.
rub the mixture for about 2 minuets, then rinse off with warm water.

you can add essential oils (lavender, orange, grapefruit, etc) for fragrance or vanilla extract for flavor

follow up by adding glow serum to your lips.