the founder of glow skin deep is a 28 year-old black girl from new jersey who was just over wearing makeup to feel pretty and confident.

she was tired of trying to cover her acne scars and dark circles on a daily basis. she was disappointed by her uneven skin tone. so she did something about it, solely for herself at first.

not too long after she whipped up her handmade, natural serum, she instantly started seeing results and receiving compliments on her skin. “i know i'm not the only one who needs this” she thought. so now, she presents to the you, glow skin deep, your new favorite “resolve all” glow serum.

marshay monet founded glow skin deep, llc in 2019 and originally hand-crafted herself in 2018. she mixed together the right amount of her favorite oils for her skin and as a result, her skin glowed up, leaving a smooth, even tone, and natural glow.

“glow skin deep consists of timeless, minimal & nourishing products that promote healthy skin, hair & self love. glow skin deep allows you to see a glow on the outside and feel the glow on the inside.” - marshay monet